What roles are available on an AllTeams website??

An AllTeams website is kitted out with 4 standard roles:



Has rights to updating news, events, and galleries and any other information held on the website. They also have access to the membership management and communication system with rights to add, edit and remove members.

Content Moderator
Has the same rights as a webmaster to updating all content on the website, but does not have rights to access members information.

Supporter – great for parents, friends, teachers and club supporters.

Receives the weekly newsletter and has the ability to submit galleries and comments to the website. For these to be visible on the website they must be approved by a webmaster

Young Leader/Student Leader – great for students to help manage the website.

Is basically a supporter with more permissions to submitting news, events, galleries and officials information to the website. Again, everything submitted by a leader must be approved before visible on the website.


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