Analytics on AllTeams


Google is continuously providing new services and it can be hard to keep up!

One tool you can’t miss is analytics. There is so much happening on a website and Google provide a way to report all of this information.

Analytics provides key insights into:

  • which browsers are being used
  • which devices are accessing your website
  • where the users are coming from
  • how many people are presently on the website
  • the growth in views
  • the most popular pages on the website
  • returning and unique visits
  • effectiveness of advertising

The list is massive! But these are some of the key areas I look at. Every AllTeams website has Google Analaytics setup.

SO if you’re wanting access to this wealth of information, email your website and a Google account to requesting access to Google Analytics, we’ll invite you and you’ll be able to see behind the scenes of your website!


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