Master AllTeams with our brand new guides

New and improved guides to help you master the AllTeams system. Have a flick through to make sure you’re using the full range of features available to you. Find your role below and download the relevant material. Let us know if you have any queries, we’re happy to help! 🙂

Full School and ClubSchool 2

For SCHOOL and CLUB webmasters: You’re permissions allow you to update news, galleries, videos, events and edit information pages such as About us and History and of course manage your members.


For TEAM webmasters: You have the important role of managing the team online. You have permissions to post notices, add matches, invite members. Be sure to enter match scores to keep that ladder accurate! If you’re looking for a quick run down on what you can do, check out the Quick guide below.


For Competition webmasters. Most likely you’re a team webmaster wanting to keep the overall competition ladder up-to-date. You can enter all matches for all rounds and enter scores for all games. Yes! – You have access to the entire competition!


For all webmasters, School, club, sport and team, a quick guide on managing members.


For School and Club webmasters wanting to know more about how the online registration system works, the key options available to you and what information you need for reconciliation.


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