Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time Online!

Keyboard shortcuts or Hot Keys are a great way to speed up your online activities. We’re usually in a hurry when browsing online so check out some of the tips and tricks I use to help save time!


  • CTRL D – Bookmarks a page
  • CTRL P – Prints the selected area
  • ALT Home – returns you to your homepage
  • F5 – Refreshes the pages you are on
  • CTRL F5 – Hard refresh which clears your cache in case you are seeing older versions of the page


  • CTRL T – Opens a new tab
  • CTRL Tab – Switches to the next tab
  • CTRL Shift – Tab Switches to the previous tab
  • CTRL Shift T – restores the last closed tab

Page Viewing

  • CTRL + Zoom in
  • CTRL – Zoom out
  • CTRL 0 Default zoom
  • F11 – Change between full screen and regular mode



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