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AllTeams is a community based web development company with aims of securing sponsorship for schools and clubs nationwide. Our love of sport helped us initially target rugby clubs throughout the country; now we are branching out into all arenas of sport including soccer, cricket, tennis and netball. Further beyond the realm of sport we are now creating customised web designs for schools of all levels and sizes.


Sportscard is a sponsorship tool aimed at securing sponsors for sport clubs and promoting businesses through community involvement. The Sportscard concept   was created by Brodie Wilson who has been in the sporting community for 20+ years. Clubs that sign up to Sportscard get a membership card and members receive discounts at local sponsor businesses. The clubs also get a highly effective sponsorship programme making it easy to raise funds. AllTeams shares the Sportscard vision and has aligned with them selling their product alongside AllTeams websites.

Special Offer: AllTeams Lite Version

To celebrate our expansion into the realm of schools we have created a LITE SCHOOL SPORT package for $500 (licensing costs) per year. This package provides everything you need to get started:

  • Hosting
  • Online payments and registration
  • Email communication
  • Member management
  • Weekly e-Newsletter
  • Business directory
  • Single sports homepage

Upgrade as and when you need to for design, setup and support. Check out our demo:


Who is the most important player in the soccer team? InGoal is a website dedicated to New Zealand goalies. InGoal bridges over40 years of international experience including the All Whites and Football Ferns. Their goal is provide tools to achieve in the professional world of soccer whilst raising awareness of the significance of the goalkeeper’s role.

Check them out at

Relationship Managers

AllTeams has a national network of Relationship Managers which provides access to AllTeams throughout the country. Recent additions to the RM network include:

Paul Treanor – Tauranga

With a heavy background in sport Paul was the perfect candidate to head the Tauranga front. He has played for multiple rugby and cricket clubs throughout the country and been part of the Mount Maunganui Life Guard Service. More than just a player, he has coached rugby, cricket and basketball and with a touch of waterpolo he has done it all. In 1979 a teacher told his parents he was spending too much time on sport… 33 years later Paul’s passion for sport continuously grows. Great to have you on board Paul!

Dan Russell – Gisborne/Hawkes Bay

Sir Edmund Hillary, a sporting hero in many Kiwi eyes, is also the hero of our Gisborne and Hawkes Bay relationship manager who was lucky enough to meet the icon himself. Recently joining the AllTeams network, Dan’s passion for sport far outweighs his sporting ability (so he tells me). Regardless he belongs to the Tokomaru Bay Hunting and Fishing club and the Te Puia Springs Golf club, and has attempted the likes of tennis, surfing, hockey, and many more. Dedicated to the AllTeams purpose, great to have Dan as our Gisborne and Hawkes Bay representative.


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