Thought about Social Media / Internet Safety / Press guidelines for your School?

We don’t claim to be experts [Netsafe are] but here are a few things you can do at your school to create a safer more responsible environment for Students, Staff and your community. . and perhaps manage the press a little better.

– Introduce basic guidelines around use of social media could perhaps be delivered twice a year in assembly

One or two trained people deal with media –both traditional and social media, They should create relationships with media and can therefore mitigate damage.

– Don’t allow unauthorised facebook pages – The reputation of the school is at stake and brand damage can occur, inappropriate relationships between staff and students can form [banned in some states in America] encouraging cyber-baiting.  Students, parents, staff can wade in to arguments.  Set up search alerts for Facebook pages created and try to harness this enthusiasm in a safe environment.

– In times of crisis if you need to mitigate damage or diffuse a story Talk to the experts such as Janet Wilson who can assist with this kind of thing and could certainly train your media person and help handle situations to avoid them getting out of control.

Tighten up your student/parent contract to ensure Internet use policy to include and focus on such things as

–          Cyberbullying, Respect for fellow students, Equality, Bringing the schools name in to disrepute

– Items which are abusive can be removed from Facebook – but this can take time and don’t expect any NZ based assistance the nearest is Sydney.

– Proactivity is required to create a safer environment.

For more info

www.MYLGP.ORG.NZ – Netsafe Cyber baiting article on Mashable


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