A Final Word from the Ponsonby RFC President

I have been extremely honoured and proud to serve you and the club as your President and I am pleased to report to you in the second year of my Presidency. I will now stand down as I will have other NZRU commitments in 2011, which means I will not be able to do justice to this esteemed role. It has been another very successful year for the club in which we have had to overcome a number of obstacles.

To achieve a Gallaher Shield victory in light of the difficulties was a wonderful effort. To achieve seven Gallaher Shield wins in a row is amazing. We have learned how to win it and to hold on to it: a combination of culture, pride, history and heritage, hard work, skill, planning, courage and composure under pressure, and enjoyment in varying degrees. The formula is difficult to define and often the dividing line between success and failure is so thin. However, our formula has certainly worked for the last decade or more.

To also win the Under 13 Open title and the Under 12 Restricted title and to do well in other grades is testament to our strength across the grades. The Premier team is the apex at the top of the pyramid but it would not succeed without the foundation built below. Our Junior Club has again excelled in the way in which teams have presented themselves and played.

Special thank you’s must be mentioned to those people who make the club tick.

Bryan Williams


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