British schools try out AllTeams’ NZ software: By CLAIRE MCENTEE – The Dominion Post

Dominion Post LogoThe British government is trialling Auckland start-up AllTeams’ sports software in a deal that the firm says could be worth up to 3 million pounds (NZ$6.86m) a year.
AllTeams’ software lets sports clubs create their own websites, manage their teams and post competition draws and results online, text message members and provide social networking services for clubs and teams.
Clubs can also sell listings in AllTeams’ online business directory, and visitors to club websites are encouraged to support local listed businesses.
A version of the software is being trialled by about 50 schools in England’s West Midlands – which will use it to manage their sports teams, providing online information about draws, results and rankings.
AllTeams marketing director Jimmy Gardner says the trial is part of a drive by the British Department of Culture, Media and Sports to create a “play-to-win culture” and increase participation in sport.
Chief executive Will Stamers-Smith says if the trial is successful, the software could be rolled out to more than 20,000 schools and nine million pupils across Britain in a deal that could be worth between 1m and 3m a year.
“There’s an enormous amount of opportunity.
“At the moment it’s a schools-based product in Britain but there’s no reason why it won’t work elsewhere in the world.”
Read the whole story on the Dominion Post online website HERE

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